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Before spinning Blitz Growth out as a separate venture, our team spent ten years building VC-backed mobile entertainment products. Several of our games were Top 10 Grossing on Android, and our gameshows delighted several million players on iOS, all supported by our in-house scaled growth marketing.

We built up experienced internal talent as well as a powerful tech stack to solve user acquisition, and we eventually realized that we could offer these same services to other companies, offering them the same growth we had experienced.

We’ve now spent 2+ years helping 10+ companies from pre-seed to Series C grow their businesses profitably and effectively, serving as a full-stop replacement for an internal marketing team or as a powerful augmentation, and we’re excited to see where Blitz will take us!


Meet the Blitz Team

Arturo Hurtado
Mohit Sardana
Cordelia Duff
Cordelia Duff
Slawomir Pelikan Copy 3
Slawomir Pelikan Copy 2
Slawomir Pelikan Copy
Slawomir Pelikan

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