The Blitz Philosophy

Manage, Analyze, Iterate
Unlock Your Growth


Fully Managed Ad Campaigns

Get an instant boost from Blitz campaign and creative management. Our team uses proven algorithms, AI, and powerful data analysis to optimize your campaign performance and lean in on performing strategies. We use our internal tech to allocate budgets across platforms, meaning that each dollar you spend will have optimal impact.

Applied algorithms clean out low performers and allocate budget to top performers, automatic audience creation means we’ll find your best customers, and creative cycling means we can quickly tee up new assets to test.

The combination of our team plus our tech means that campaign setup that takes other companies days takes under an hour - as soon as we have new creative, we can start testing it in the wild, across Facebook (Meta), Google, Snapchat, TikTok, and more!

Analyze Ad Performance Across Platforms

Understanding what is working is the hardest part of any marketing campaign, especially when you’re testing thousands of assets across channels. We track and identify performant strategies (from ad formats to campaign goals to audience targeting) specific to YOUR product. Track progress towards KPI goals, unifying data across ad platforms and reconciling with data from your MMP in our detailed bi-weekly reporting.

Follow along our monthly Creative Deep Dives and get detailed insights on top value props, individual creatives, and ad copy as well as context on where and with whom your ads are resonating. We do the research and legwork to identify the most promising platform, creatives, and campaign strategies so you can double down and concentrate budget where it will have the most impact.





Iterate and Test Creative

In the ten years our team spent building consumer entertainment apps, we saw time and time again that the key to a successful UA strategy is creative testing at scale. Iterating your way to winning creative remains the most powerful lever any company has to meaningfully improve their campaign performance, and we built Blitz to support that need.

We iterate hundreds of ads each month for our partners, testing new concepts and value props, optimizing performers for new channels, and refreshing content in our tried-and-tested top performers. There is no shortcut to winning creative - our team and tools exist to iterate your existing creatives, seek new formats, shoot new footage, and draw insights from a network of campaigns to turn insight into action and constantly improve your marketing performance.

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