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Our standard onboarding materials will cover a variety of topics. Access to your Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Snapchat Ads Managers are a good place to start, so we can both start setting up fresh campaigns as well as audit past tactics and their results.

Reviewing ad creative and other prior art gives us a head start; we’re always happy to recut an existing asset that never reached its potential, combine product images in a new way, or just run an old asset in a new campaign. We’ll spend some time with your marketing team to learn about your struggles, company goals, and desires for the partnership, as well as your design team to understand your brand and identity.

Building Your Ad Briefs

Once we understand what has been tried, what has worked, and what the creative constraints are, we will begin drafting creative concepts for you to review. We’ll do a deep dive into competitors at this stage as well to really get a sense for what is resonating with users in your industry as well as what no one has tried yet. We’ll collaborate with you throughout the entire ad generation process to ensure that all assets meet your brand requirements and taste.

Managing Creative

Once we agree upon a direction, we’ll generate a full batch of assets with combinations of value props, creators, visual styles, background music, etc, each asset optimized for all platforms you care about. Once the batch of assets is approved, we’ll go ahead and set those up on all active ad platforms in our testing ground campaigns. We’ll then monitor and optimize the batch within each platform to be sure we’re giving each creative its shot before discarding the underperformers and consolidating winners with higher budgets.

Using Our Analytics Report

We’ve built in-house tech to support comparison of performance across all channels and with your internal data, as well as to allow additional filtering and segmentation by geo, gender, OS, device, etc across platforms. Our reports summarize and track key learnings as we iterate our way to success with new creative and campaigns, as well as provide your internal team with insights on what type of potential user is responding to your ads. We’re always happy to set up anything custom as well - we love it when our partners are excited about data, because we are too!

Making Changes

Everything we do is continually under construction! Our creative is never finished; our campaigns are never completed. We continually refresh performers and test new strategies on the creative front, trial new platform features as they come out, and layer in innovative optimization algos using our own AI technology. We believe methodical, data-driven iteration is the surest way to successful growth.

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