The Blitz Philosophy

Create, Test, Analyze. Repeat.
Unlock Your Growth


Develop and Iterate Creative

The ad platforms are powerful and provide many opportunities for efficiency with different campaign objectives, audience targeting, lookalikes, and continuously improving algorithms, but all your competitors have access to these features, too. The most powerful tool at any marketer's disposal is creative, because the opportunities for new and inventive messaging are endless. At Blitz, all our activities are in service of creating better creative, faster.

We believe in the potential of words to inspire, of a human face to connect, of a song to stick in your mind and make you remember. Performance marketing is storytelling in seconds at scale, and a body of market-tested creative will drop your cost per acquisition and maximize your revenue more effectively than anything else.

Fully Managed Ad Campaigns

As important as creative is, deploying it effectively in scaled A/B tests to ensure unbiased optimization is perhaps equally important. We strive to give each asset an earnest chance at success, and to that end we religiously test campaign objectives and new platform features, deploy algorithms to clean out underperformers, create new audiences, and structure campaigns to maximize exposure for top assets.

Properly structuring creative testing (while of course maximizing results for your business!) is key to understand what's working and to inform future creative cycles.





Analyze Ad Performance Across Platforms

Knowing what to test is the hardest part of any marketing campaign, especially when you’re looking to test thousands of assets across channels. Our experience gives us a tremendous advantage in knowing where to start, but stellar performance really comes down to long-term iteration. To hit on excellence, we need to know what is working and why, so we emphasize detailed and micro analysis of creative to identify performant strategies (from ad formats to creators to messaging) specific to YOUR product. We track progress towards macro KPI goals, unifying data across ad platforms and reconciling with data from your MMP in our detailed bi-weekly reporting to ensure that we're hitting your overall goals.

Deep and thoughtful analysis is key for a complete picture of creative performance, ensuring that each new rack of assets tested is an improvement on the last and that your creative is an ever-evolving stable that generates results.

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