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Automate Media Buying

Managed Social Campaigns Across Multiple Platforms

We are adept at running digital marketing campaigns across all the major ad platforms - Facebook/Meta (including Instagram), Google (including YouTube), Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Apple Search, Pinterest, Spotify, even Nextdoor- we’ve done it all! We work with you to come up with a spend strategy that works for you, and we’ll dynamically shift and adjust budget across platforms as needed.

We understand the nuances and strengths of each platform, and our AI-powered tech lets us allocate each dollar where it will have the greatest impact. We've honed and developed our campaign structures and strategies over the past ten years throughout macro changes in the industry, and we’re continually tracking, researching, and reacting to changes in the advertising landscape.

Backend technology years in the making provides us with easy integration with these platforms so we can build performance-driven campaigns in under one hour. We are poised to scale your growth dramatically in multiple verticals.

Why are massive platforms like Facebook/Meta and Google such efficient channels for digital advertising? They’ve invested heavily in machine learning and AI technology, and so have we.

Not only do we set up our campaigns to best leverage the power of the machine learning algos on our partner platforms and take advantage of next-gen features (like Facebook’s highly effective Automated App Ads and TikTok's App Profile campaigns) but we are also systematically developing our own algorithms and AI above, beyond, and across what these platforms offer natively.

Cross-platform budget allocation, dynamic day-parting, and automatic lookalike audience generation are just a few of the AI-powered tactics we use to help your campaigns reach their full potential.


Apply AI Algorithms To Boost Performance


Manage Influencer Opportunities

Our team is well-versed in influencer marketing and ready to guide you towards super cost effective CPAs! Our team is not limited to an in-house stable of influencers, allowing us to handpick partnerships that are an authentic fit for your brand. We handle everything (research, outreach, contracting, and payment) so you only need to worry about results; we're ready to deploy our strategies across platforms and industries.

We test a variety of different deal styles with influencers. Straightforward sponsorships on YouTube or Instagram effectively get the word out about your product and drive new user growth and clicks. Branded Content ads on Facebook/Meta and Spark Ads on TikTok are an amazing way to put the power of machine learning behind each post and harness the star power the influencer brings for months after the post date, effectively driving down-funnel events. Link-in-bio deals allow us to test the waters at a lower budget and measure the impact of additional traffic to your site. Podcast and newsletter promos are a great way to build brand awareness and enhance organic lift.

Try all of the above for a robust influencer strategy that can open up another channel of growth to match the potential of any of the major ad platforms. Whatever your goals and budget, our team is ready to curate and contract the perfect influencer for your brand who can help you hit your KPIs in an innovative and cost effective way.

Each social platform is a different beast, and our ad creative and optimization tactics reflect that diversity. We continually test new platform features as they come out and validate strategies individually to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each.

All creative is customized for each platform, and we optimize campaigns on a platform-by-platform basis. This means that if an ad is popping on TikTok, we’ll allocate additional budget and exposure, but if the same ad is struggling on Google, we’ll turn it off.

Over time, you end up with a rich and varied repository of winning creative for each platform, which may look very different depending on where you’re running ads!


Optimized Ad Performance On Each Platform

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