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Manage Creatives At Scale

Scaled Creative Testing

Are your creative learnings limited by the number of assets your marketing team can create? Wish you could try out 10, 20, 100 new value propositions at once, without waiting for your video editor to create each asset and carefully optimize for each new platform?

At Blitz, we know how important it is to continually test a high volume of creative across all platforms. One value proposition may kill it on TikTok but struggle on Facebook; UGC may be the answer on Snapchat but not on Google. You may want to test a new aesthetic, user persona, or feature in your ads, but your team just does not have the bandwidth.

We provide a scaled solution for ad creative; we identify what needs to be tested, generate the volume of creative needed to learn quickly, pivot where necessary, and iterate our way to high performance. Every month, we generate 100s of unique assets (often over 1,000!) to test on all key channels, delivering you a body of ad creative that will drive results.

We know how much time and effort you spend on your brand and design, and we strive to own and embody your aesthetic. We work closely with your brand and design teams to understand your product and replicate its identity across a diverse set of ad concepts, developed just for your business. We connect with your users to understand what about the product speaks to them, and we even tap them for real user-generated content.

Every asset we produce reflects your identity, authentically, and we proactively seek feedback. The best creative is always a partnership, and we want to be sure your entire team, down to your most conscientious designer, is proud to run across your ads online.


Custom Ad Creative


Scalable Creative Generation

Once we understand your brand, we together devise a plan to get your ads in the wild. We design creatives, write scripts, and contract creators and models in our network that, based on prior experience, will give your campaigns their best shot at success.

Ad formats, footage, in-ad text, UI, background music, creators, wardrobes, languages, video length - we test and iterate all of it to identify the top performing value propositions and other creative elements. Our backend tech makes it super easy for us to generate and combine variants quickly, meaning that pretty much anything you want to test, we can get out the door in just a day or two.

We automatically optimize all of your creatives for any dimensions you want, meaning that we have everything from Snapchat Story to Facebook Feed to YouTube ads covered, and you don’t need to worry about how it will look in-stream.

At Blitz, we believe in testing as much as possible as soon as possible - the more creative you test, the faster you can identify top performers and do more of what works.

Testing hundreds of variants of each ad means that when we arrive at a winner, we can be very sure of the elements that have destined it for success!

Once we identify a winning value prop, we then iterate our way to the best expression of your message - what language to use, in what styles of ad will it resonate, what vibe the creator delivering it will need, and more. We methodically iterate each ad that shows signs of life to give it the best possible shot at conversion and double down on winning strategies so your body of work is continuously improving.

We continually refresh content - ads can get tired, and we want to be sure that winning concepts continue to perform for us, so we’ll freshen ad copy, shoot a new ad, and recreate it with the same compelling elements.


Continuous Creative Iteration


Test Video and Static Ad Concepts

We believe in video. We’ve seen time and time again the impact of UGC-style content in marketing campaigns and the resonance that a relatable human face has with your future user.

As the industry shifts towards TikTok- and IG Reel-style content, we rely increasingly on engaging, thumb-stopping video concepts featuring real users and compelling influencers. Our team of artists and video editors is highly skilled in crafting content that resonates immediately, combining selfie videos, produced footage, photography, animation, and illustration. A diversity of content is a powerful lever to pull and an easy way to capture a broader cut of your market.

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