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Creative and Campaign Insights

The most powerful lever any marketer has at their disposal is creative, and we've built up our tech stack to support extensive creative testing at scale. It is vital that we understand what specific tactics are performing. We take a detailed view of each asset, text copy, audience, campaign objective, and more on a platform level for data-driven action items that inform each new round of creative. We then aggregate all our data across platforms for broader insights on value props, creative assets, actors, and models that are resonating at a high level with your brand, handing you a detailed understanding of the messaging that resonates with your target market.

We provide weekly updates on progress towards KPIs, including results for A/B tests, new creatives, and experimental campaigns so we are all aligned on strategy and performance and to provide micro data so we can quickly react. Monthly we provide detailed deep dives into longer term trends in creatives and campaigns to drill down on macro strategies.

For any data issues or discrepancies, we even have in-house engineers who can jump in to sort out tracking issues to ensure flawless campaign execution and results.

Our tech is fully integrated with all the major ad platforms as well as mobile measurement partners to give us a complete and layered view of your customer data and advertising performance, providing you with end-to-end digital marketing analytics.

We look to the ad platforms as the source of contextual performance - Facebook/Meta and TikTok will be the best source of truth on which creatives and campaign targets are working on their platforms and how much budget is being spent on each. For absolute performance, we rely on your internal data to give us a complete picture of your user funnel from installs, registrations, subscriptions, purchases, and LTV so we can make informed decisions about your performance marketing strategy.

No attribution is 100% accurate, so we like to take a complete view of all data available so we can catch anything the platforms may have missed and identify any possibilities for increasing efficiency and driving results.


Analyze Ad Platform & Attribution Data


Custom Marketing Reports

If our data isn’t actionable not only in marketing campaigns but also for your product, then we aren’t doing our job!

Our custom marketing reports provide you with more than just a snapshot of campaign and creative performance; our reports give deep insight into what messages and positioning are exciting to your potential users, which demographics your ads are successfully targeting, and what directions to try next.

Our reporting is meaningful not only to your growth team but to your company at large - there is a wealth of customer data and insight to be drawn from performance marketing, and we strive to empower you to access that knowledge above and beyond the context of our advertising activities.

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